Explore Free Genealogy Websites for Building Your Family Tree and Discovering Your Ancestors

Free Genealogy Websites

Whether you are looking to build your family tree or just learn about your ancestors, genealogy websites can be a great resource. These free sites offer a variety of records and tools to help you with your research.

Olive Tree Genealogy has been around since 1996 and offers links to ship passenger lists, oaths of allegiance, and more. They also have a large database of cemetery records.

USGenWeb Project

The USGenWeb Project began in 1996 when a group of volunteers decided it was time to do something on the internet about genealogy. Rather than just listing links or gedcoms it was time to put documents online that would otherwise be stored in musty courthouse basements or attics on fading paper.

Each state and county site is a unique one as it is the creation and responsibility of an individual volunteer. The sites offer a wide range of information such as transcribed records, online maps and historical documents. Some also feature local history books and research tips. The crux of every site however is the query page where researchers can post questions for others.

Many of the county websites have special projects that focus on specific topics such as tombstone images and church records. These sites, along with the archives and family group sheets are invaluable resources for researchers. These sites will never replace traditional methods of genealogical research but can be a valuable companion to them.


If you’re looking for a site that helps you search for information about your family history, GenealogyBank is the place to go. Founded in 2006, it offers billions of genealogy records and newspaper archives from all over the United States. It also has a Learning section that provides practical webinars and advice from seasoned genealogists.

The GenealogyBank database includes a variety of historical documents, including birth, death, and marriage records. These documents provide vital clues and important details about your ancestors. The site also offers obituaries, which can help you put faces to names and learn about your late relatives’ lives.

The website’s search feature is easy to use and intuitive. It allows you to narrow down your search results by selecting specific boxes. This way, you can get more accurate and specific searches. In addition, the website continually adds new information to its collection. In this way, you can always find new sources to research your family history.


If you’re not ready to invest in a subscription site, there are still many free websites that offer the same records as the paid sites. They can help you find your ancestors, organize your research, and discover new family members.

A great place to start is USGenWeb, a collection of volunteer-run genealogy help pages organized by state and county. These contain a wide variety of records and projects. Many of them also include maps and timelines that can help you visualize the history of a place.

Other good websites for genealogy are Cyndi’s List and Olive Tree Genealogy. They provide information on starting a genealogy project and links to digitized books. They also have a searchable database of newspaper articles that can be helpful in your research. Another useful website is Dead Fred, an archive that allows you to upload photos of your ancestors for other researchers to look up. If they find your photo, they’ll send it to you for free — you only pay for postage.


FamilySearch is a free genealogy website that offers many benefits. It provides access to 2.4 million rolls of microfilm, which are searchable online. It also has more than 4 billion historical record images. In addition, it allows users to upload preservation copies of their personal family trees for free.

FamilySearch also allows users to share their work with other members through a collaborative family tree. The site also provides opportunities to meet new relatives through activities like Relatives Around Me and RootsTech. The site also offers a mobile app for easier searching and sharing.

The site has a great search engine that makes it easy to find records. Its catalog also organizes records by region, allowing you to easily locate the type of record you need. It also prioritizes the acquisition of high-quality records for each region. Moreover, you can search within specific records by name. You can also index records, which helps others find the information they need.

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