Personal Profile:

Jan A. Krancher is a California Environmental Health Specialist with a multicultural and multilingual background. He is originally from the former Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and has been uprooted twice, once when forcibly "repatriated" to the Netherlands and the second time voluntarily, when he emigrated to the US in 1960. He has traveled to 22 countries and has lived in five. He served honorably in the U.S. military in Germany as an interpreter-translator and he still performs in that same capacity as volunteer for the World Ag Expo International Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, California.

During his distinguished career in the field of Environmental Health he has been contractually employed in Saudi Arabia. While working for County Health Agencies in the San Joaquin Valley of California he taught undergraduate and graduate college courses in Health Science and has also lectured on the topic of cross cultural communication for professional organizations. He is a prolific writer both in Dutch and English.

His formal education background includes a Dutch Ing degree, a BS degree, an MS Degree and a Ph.D. degree.