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To pursue perpetual involvement, as a Consultant, in the alternative, integrated health maintenance and nutrition field, in any capacity whatsoever, preferably in the managerial/public relations arena. This desire is based on 30 + years past accomplishments in the preventative health specialty in the public sector, a long time interest in preserving the environment and the promotion of good nutritional practices.


The purpose of the this Website is to provide the visitor a rather unique opportunity to take advantage of Dr. Krancher's extensive background and training in various disciplines. You are invited to browse through these pages and click on any which you deem beneficial to you. This Website is essentially divided into two sections: 1. the primary one under the general heading of SPECIALIZED CONSULTION and; 2. the secondary one under HISTORICAL EDUCATION.

CONSULTING SERVICES offer you the choice to request consultancy regarding matters dealing with the challenges you may encounter in CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION/CULTURAL DIVERSITY He offers assistance in translating foreign documents from Dutch, German and Indonesian into English. In the domain of ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, He is available to consult with you on the sub-specialties of Land Use, Water, Liquid Waste, Hazardous Material/Emergency Response, and Food Sanitation and Consumer Protection. He is also available for providing on site consultant services worldwide.

Under GENEALOGIST you have the opportunity to learn how you can gain access to genealogical information pertaining to the Dutch-Indonesians. He will search for you his extensive microfilm collection which contain some 14,000 typical Indies family names. In addition, he has the knowledge and capability to conduct general genealogical research in this specialty.

With an excellent background in human nutrition in which specialty he earned his doctorate, Dr. Krancher, as a NUTRITION CONSULTANT, is able to assist you with your search to achieve High Level Wellness.

Under HISTORICAL EDUCATION, a book of historical significance pertaining to a bygone era is featured. It is worthwhile reading material for all well meaning people of the world who are unfamiliar, what transpired during WWII in the Pacific.. It deals with survivors' accounts of Japanese invasion and enslavement of Europeans and the revolution that created independent Indonesia. The Introductory Chapter of the book is available FREE OF CHARGE by emailing me at indojank1@gmail.com.

New: And finally, addressing the members of the Indo-European (Indo) community, he and two other highly motivated team members have embarked on a documentary film making project of epic proportion. I invite you to click on Indo-European Documentary Project. if you have expertise and interest in this particular arena, to join us in making this movie about the legacy of the Indos, a reality. We are currently approaching Indos world wide to solicit them to submit their story. We trust you will be a candidate.

I anticipate that this "one stop shop" will satisfy many of you as a result of the Site's varied menu and wide selection of topics. Come on in I welcome you as my honored guest.


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