-Involved in Dutch-Indonesian genealogical research since 1973.
-Proprietor of 36-16mm microfilms containing 14,000 typical Dut
ch-Indonesian family names.

-Access to Family History Center, Salt Lake City, UT.

- Search for family name in data bank of Dutch-Indonesian family names.

Depending on search results
- General genealogical research. Fee $25.00 per hour, minimum charge - one hour.

Consultation requests: Click here to contact Jan A. Krancher.

I have in my possession thirty-six 16mm microfilms containing 14,000 surnames of families, assembled in numerous dossiers. Many of these people were born in the Dutch East Indies when it was still a Dutch colony. It often also shows names of others who have lived, worked and died there from around 1800 to 1949.

The content of these dossiers can vary greatly from a mere single advertisement to a complete genealogy. I invite you to send me an e-mail to inquire if your family name occurs in this collection whereupon I'll be glad to perform a record search.

Feature Article: "Uprooted: A Short History of the Gathering of Dutch-Indonesian Genealogy."

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