Environmental Health Specialist
Environmental Health Specialist

U.S. Activities

-Land Use
-Liquid Waste
-Hazardous Materials/Emergency Response
-Food Sanitation and Consumer Protection
Activities abroad

-Bechtel Engineering
-Kemya - Exxon affiliate

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- on the site, on the job, tailor-made assistance resolving environmental health challenges you or your company might be facing in the specialties which are enumerated.

- perform food saftey audits for private company and gray water related issues.

- availible for consultation abroad.


While employed full time by Tulare County (see below) I provided part-time service as a Food Safety Auditor for a private firm for a total of three (3) years. Subsequent to my county retirement in 2003, I was hired as sole source liaison person for the state of California, promoting the use of innovative plastic chamber technology used for liquid waste disposal by a firm in Connecticut.

After 2004, I did private consulting work designing waste water disposal systems for institutional facilities and residential units in addition to consulting regarding hazardous analysis critical point audits for a private California company.

And I closed off my career officially in 2005 after serving as an environmental editor for a agribusiness/dairyman magazine in Sanger, California.

1985 - 2003: Tulare County Environmental Health Specialist

The two major aspects of such programs are the PREVENTION of disease and the PROTECTION/PROMOTION of human well-being.

The prevention aspect is characterized by efforts to break the chain of transmission of disease or the occurrence of unhealthy conditions.

The protection/promotion of human well-being is exemplified by environmental health activities intended to contain hazardous elements and the control of nuisance which interfere with the comfort and enjoyment of life and the use of the environment by all who live in, or visit the State Of California

Program experience

I have been involved in the following program areas:

Land Use

The Land Use Program safeguards and promotes the safeguards and promotes the health and well-being of the public through the application of environmental health principles of effective land use. It prevents public health hazards and mitigates environmental degradation that may result from improperly planned land development. Staff reviews proposed site plans, zone changes, use permits, general plan amendments, sewage disposal and water systems having public health implications.

Liquid Waste

The purpose of the Liquid Waste Program is to protect the health of the public and environment from the improper disposal of sewage from on-site sewage and grey water systems; to educate the public on the proper operation and maintenance of sewage systems. The staff reviews engineer designed,conventional on-site sewage disposal systems and grey water systems.


This program seeks to assure that public and private water supplies are suitable for domestic use. Small water systems are routinely inspected to assure proper operation and maintenance. The staff protects public health and prevents disease by assuring that these systems are at all time safe, potable and available in adequate quantity and protected against contaminating backflow and back siphonage.

Hazardous Material

This program assures that staff respond to spills of hazardous material, properly identify the material, oversee safety issues and decontamination at the site. The division cooperates with local fire agencies, agriculture departments and public works agencies to abate the impacts of hazardous materials spills. Additional responsiblity includes weekend duty coverage is also provided.

Food Sanitation and Consumer Protection

The purpose of this program is to ensure that food provided for human consumption is wholesome, properly labeled as advertised The staff is to prevent the occurrence of food- borne illnesses; to promote the preparation, production and service of food in hygienic, appealing food facilities and to protect the health of the food worker by encouraging safe and sanitary on- the-job working conditions.


During my three years tenure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Royal Commission) I performed the duties of Environmental Health Officer/Manager of Public Health Services, Industrial City of Jubail while contractually employed by Bechtel Engineering, San Francisco, California. This was a two-year contract.

Duties included functioning as the Program Specialist of the Entomology, Insect and Pest Control and later as Group Manager. This included the development of public health options and the execution of plans to provide public health services for the new city's organization including directing the preparation of operating procedures, budgets, schedules and performance criteria. Assured timely technology transfer to Saudi nationals

This was followed by a second one- year contract with Kemya - Exxon's affiliate assignment I performed the function of Environmental Health/Industrial Hygiene (EH/IH) Coordinator in Jubail. I initiated and developed EH/IH programs which included the establishment of procedures for handling and disposal of solid and liquid wastes, monitoring of air and water quality and noise levels. I instituted internal reporting systems and assured technology transfer to Saudi nationals. Secured all environmental permits from the Royal Commission, coordinated IH activities and acted as liaison for governmental/industrial interfaces.

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