The Defining Years of the Dutch East Indies, 1942-1949:
Editor/Author and Contributors

Jan A. Krancher survived the Indonesian independence movement and was repatriated to the Netherlands in 1956, He now lives in Visalia, California. J.K. as a child

A caricature of the editor's late father-in-law, Cornelis Otto Rudolph Hauber, fashioning clogs in a men's camp in late 1942. A civilian veteran, Hauber, 31 in this drawing by an unknown fellow prisoner, was interned apart from his pregnant wife and two children following the Japanese takeover of the Dutch East Indies in March 1942. Having survived working as a slave laborer in the infamous Death Railroad in Burma (albeit with a permanently crippling injury to his right hand), he was reunited in late 1945 with his family, which now included the 3 and 1/2-year-old Irene Joyce Hauber, whom he had never met. She is today the wife of Jan Krancher, editor of this book.

Contributors, their date of birth and current place of residence:
Andrew A. van Dijk (1929) - Sydney, Australia
Overview of the Imprisonment Experience
Frans J. Nicolaas Ponder (1921) - Deceased - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Soldier in the Royal Netherlands-Indies Army
William Wanrooy (1925) - Deceased 1997, Lancaster - California
A Letter yo My Grandson
Arthur Stock (1922) - Deceased 1997 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
A British Prisoner of War
Anton Acherman (1925) - Los Angeles, California
Glimpses of Camp Life
Johannes vandenBroek (1915) - Oceanside, California
A Teacher Turned Soldier and Imprisoned by the Japanese
William H. Maaskamp (1924)- Deceased - Glendale, California
A Dutch Youth Tortured and Imprisoned by the Japanese, Then Pressed into Service Against Indonesian Freedom Fighters
Denis Dutrieux (1923) - Deceased 1998 - Los Angeles, California
"They Can't Be Human Beings!"
Mathilde Ponder-van Kempen (1930) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Wartime Girlhood
Barend A, van Nooten (1932) - Petaluma, California
The Mouse, Deer and the Tiger
11. Willy Riemersma-Philippi (1929) - San Jose, California
Imprisoned in Our Own Home
Maria McFadden-Beek (1925) - Oxford, Mississippi
Ode to My Mother
Karel Hoekendijk aka Senior (1926) - Enschede, The Netherlands
New Terror on the Way Home
Hendrik B. Baptist (1928)- Deceased - Hot Springs, Arkansas
The Protectors Abandoned Us
Pieter H. Groenevelt (1937) - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
The Bombs that Saved My Life
Jan Vos (1926) - Cypress, California
Memories of an Indo Boy
Feite Posthumus (1929) - Seattle, Washington
An Unlikely Friendship
K.A. Peter van Berkum (1927) - Baltimore, Maryland
Saved by a Stranger
Rita la Fontaine-de Clercq Zubli (1930) - Nashua, New Hampshire
Disguised as a Boy
Greta Kwik - Deceased 1998 - Los Angeles, California
The Loss of My Father
Gerda Dikman-van den Broek (1935)- Deceased - Paramaribo, Surinam, S.Am.
Innocence Denied
J, Alexandra Humphrey-Spier (1926) - Oakland, California
Never to See the Land of My Birth Again
Amani J. Fliers-Hoeke (1939) - Thousand Oaks, California
The Missing Years
Joyce F. Kater-Hoeke (1935) - Kirtland, New Mexico
Liberated, Yet Not Free

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